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1/22/23 - Just made another button for the site. Am I allowed to have two? Well, either way, here's the HTML to put it on your site:

<a href=https://g-zone.neocities.org><img src="https://g-zone.neocities.org/images/button2.gif" alt="The G-Zone!!"></a>

Both buttons and html strings are also at the bottom of the page (or the home page, if you're reading this from the blog archive). I'm also thinking about some under-the-hood changes for the site, but nothing much would change functionally if I get it working how I'm thinking.

1/19/23 - It's early in the morning and I'm about to go to sleep. I was up late making a button for the site! Check it out! You can use it to link to the G-Zone on your own site with the following html:

<a href=https://g-zone.neocities.org><img src="https://g-zone.neocities.org/images/button.gif" alt="The G-Zone!!"></a>

I'm also wondering if I can/should add any deeper interactivity to the site, such as some kind of forum or chat or comment threads on some pages. I'm not sure how I'd go about doing any of that though. I did manage to embed my Twitch stream into my videos page, so that's something. I'm going to bed now, goodnight!

1/12/23 - Another sneaky update from the work computer. They're working me to the bone over here and I've been so exhausted lately. I have tomorrow off which will be my first unrequested Friday off in forever. I'm gonna hang out with my friends, though part of me would rather just enjoy that time alone. I have some projects I'd like to work on. There's always another time, though. In other news, I may be looking for a new apartment soon but nothing is set in stone yet. Would be nice to have a space all to myself. My very own G-Zone, if you will. I still want to stream some more, I've just been too tired lately. Maybe on my next day off...

1/8/23 - For the last few days, I've been super busy with work and I've been sleeping like crap. Not a good combo! It doesn't even come with fries. I'm thinking about getting more gear for electronic repair. It's such a good skill to have, since it's a huge help for myself and a lot of people could use an "electronics guy". I've definitely had successes so far, and that's always satisfying. Anyway, I have the next two days off, and they're much needed. Also, I just wrote about the hardest I've ever laughed, so check that out if you want to see how broken my sense of humor is. Oh, and the random text pool is up to 60 now.

1/2/23 - I'm up early, meaning I barely slept. I took out the Christmas tree earlier, and it honestly made me really sad. I know it's alrady the 2nd, but I'm not ready for the holidays to end. It's always so nice to see everyone who's only ever around for that one special time of year. Well, at least all my local friends are still around, and it's not like I can't reach everyone else some way or another. Oh yeah, did you see the yellow text up there under the logo? Try refreshing the page and checking it again. I'll be adding more to the pool as time goes on, and there are 40 possible lines as of writing, with one more I'm going to add when I'm done writing this. If you have any suggestions, why not message them to me on Twitter? Maybe I'll try to squeeze in one more Christmas movie today...

1/1/23 - Happy New Year! I had a good holiday. Hopefully the coming year is more active than last year which was pretty much totally dead until December, lol. Maybe I'll try to stream more too. It's been a while... Also, bye bye to the Christmas theme, see you again next year!

12/26/22 - I'm at TruKuu's hanging out with him and Koozbane and the gang. We played some Xbox and some N64. It was pretty fun, and there was some good homemade food, too. This gathering was pretty much my last Christmas plan, barring meeting up with my friend who's in from California. We were supposed to visit tonight, but weather was rough in the surrounding area, so he couldn't get to me. Hopefully tomorrow!

12/25/22 - Merry Christmas, everyone! I'm barely making this blog in time, but today has been BUSY! Saw my brother and recorded some gameplay and commentary with him that I'm going to try to edit together into something fun. I have to turn in soon, since I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow too! I can't catch a break, but I mean that in a good way since it's the holidays. It's nice to see the family and friends visiting from out of town. Hope your day was great! Time to pass out!

12/24/22 - Merry Christmas Eve! I'm almost done sprucing up the site for the holidays, as well as making some changes under the hood to make it easier to do similar stuff in the future, as well as saving a little space. Gotta take a break now because the family is all gathered together and I can't just sit around writing code all night. We're off to see the Christmas lights now. I'll finish up the changes later tonight or tomorrow!

12/18/22 - WOW! Christmas is just a week away! Where did this year go? Plus, Happy Hannukah for all who celebrate it! As for me, I better hurry and watch more Xmas movies. Still have my fingers crossed that the last of the gifts I've ordered make it here in time, but I'm not super hopeful at this point. Either way, I'm definitely getting excited. I'm excited to be using this site again, too. I'm wanting to do more write-ups and stuff, and I still want to make a page for my figure collection. I guess I'll get to it when I get to it.

12/17/22 - I'm currently at TruKuu's, watching him practice Street Fighter Alpha 3 with his arcade stick. It's almost 9am, and we've both been awake for a while since both of our sleeping schedules are currently out of wack. Anyway, I've just finished my review of Donkey Kong Country, which turned out to be pretty long. Check it out! I hope it's not too "all over the place", but I think I was in a slightly different headspace every time I sat down to edit it. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

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