by G-Zone and israelistyping

hey yall, franklin wiggleworm here. just wigglin my worm a lil bit..... ;) ok im all wiggled out for the day.. time for violence. this is the beginning of my sigma (sugma) male epic grindset champ style time that was win i went to the church of cringe (cock) and blew it up exploded with my epic chad mind powers sharp as my abs cut glass biatch woo. and after that i saw this TOTIAL BABE and she was a total 1 out of 10 i mean 1 out of 10 i mean 1 out of 10 i mean 1 out of 10 i mean 1 out of 10 i mean 10 out of 10 so i went up to her and i put my hand firmly on her solar plexus and i started to MOAN very loud (calculatort) and she really thought sdhe could take mw down with thgat dollar store pepper spray nah it was over for her ass. i threw her in my TRUCJ and drived awaay baby! dont worr y she ewas TOTIALLY into it she was all "o h noo franklin stAHP" but like its chill anyway we were BUMPING in my EPIC CHAD TRUCK all kkitted out to the six nines ayyyo! the paddywagon blue lights went wee woo and the cops pulled me over not cause there was a SWEET DAME {$3.99} hog-tied in the truckbed of my truck but because i was TOO LOUD disturbance of the peace which is totial bullshit!!! "mr wiggleworm," said officer pantibottoms, "do you KNOW how fast you were goin?" "no officer i was like uh my trucks broke it just kind of drives dig, catch my drift?" officer pantibottoms took a big look at that totial babe in the back hawked a massive loogie worthy of a dip spittin competition from hell and shrugged "you might want to uhhh fix your truck yeah." "cool." "MMPH!!!" said the broad. "ayo mistuh wiggl;ez" said the cop (pig [dirty ass bacon (cop [officer] ) ] ) why is there a WILD HAWG all tied up in your tRUK bed have you just been hunting mr bond..."

This was bad. It was suddenly revealed to me, like a monster in a film showing itself for the first time, that my woman for the evening was actually naught but a feral beast! Forsooth!

"damn damniel ar ar ar" i said while chuigging 5 b eeers. the orifacer said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and starrted sto shoot at me for drinky driveng.; this sweemd to be the lasrt momemnts of my limfe.. but then (calculatort) i stgjarted to power up!!!!!!! COWABUNGA my truck went vvrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOMMM reared back up on its epIC hind wheels sent forth a horsey neigh of cosmic proportions and with a might kaaaaaaaaaaaaBOOM the truck burst out into the radiant night complete with a star splattered sky and in the basking beams of the boom i mean moon the great cop chase of the wild hog thief willggigley joe began! i heard a loud thunk like two seconds after i think the wiggly pig fell out the car whoops but thats okay cause i was zoomin faster than my fucked up ma on acid!! suddenly i got a pjone cjall from JOE BARNDON wioth the US presdsident office and he said 'listen here mac' and i said 'mmmmmm big mac' and i went to mcdonkis for a hjambjürgér and i pushed every othert car out the drive thru like a snown plow on crakk!! 'yes mcroland give me a ƃambœrƣar' and they said 'we dont spweak france' so i went to A DIFLERENT MCDFORNALDS. drove inTO mCDKForanalds yes got glass in my ass got me a burger for my buns ya dig scarffed that shit down like a busted up tamale con queso yo! did i have to personalllly strangle and beat da HELL out of those mcickyd's burger slingers? perhaps but it went GOOD cause i have HAMNBORGER NOW!!! that is when my transformation began.. i stjarted turning into A BIG BEEF PATTY and my clothes became buns and various fixins.. oh yeah.. its burger time.. YEEEEAAHHHHGGGHGHGHG IT HURTES IT HURTES SO BADE TO BEACOME BEEF PATTEY OJHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMM but im so tsastey.. m.. burget