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Game Boy Camera Review

A camera for Game Boy? Yes, really! It may sound silly now, but this thing was somewhat of a big deal at the time. It was even in the book of world records for being the smallest digital camera for a time. Cool, huh? It also came in loads of colors, so you could match it with your Game Boy Pocket. I have a blue one and a red one to match my blue and red GB Pockets.

So the Game Boy Camera pops into the top of your Game Boy like a regular game, just with a big bulbous camera on top. The camera swivels around, allowing you to take photos of yourself or your surroundings. Your photos are a measly 128x112px, which is like, mondo small. Oh yeah, they're also black & white. This is the Game Boy we're talking about, remember?

That's the hardware covered, but in terms of software, there are a ton of features on this thing. You can not only use cool camera effects, but you can also add stamps, make slideshows, play games with your own face in them and more. It's a lot of fun to mess around with. If you have a friend with another Game Boy Camera, you can even trade photos like Pokémon. I haven't managed to evolve any of my photos yet, though... Oh, and if you have a Game Boy Printer, you can also print out your photos. They're real tiny, though.


I'm a sucker for this thing. It's silly, it's niche and it's extremely obsolete. Right up my alley! I reccomend grabbing one if you see it for cheap. It's pretty darn entertaining. I have two of the things for a reason, after all. It has a little something for everyone.

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