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9/10/21 - Hi everyone! I just added some new MIDIs to the MIDI page, and I also made a new graphic to indicate the new MIDIs, and this new graphic, which is new, looks like this: . Pretty cool, huh? We also put out the ne--- ahem, latest version of autoMP, v1.4.0, yesterday. It includes faster drawing times as well as some helpful image processing options. It's shaping up to be a nice little tool! If you haven't already, you should totally check it out! Also, I'd never live it down if I didn't point out today's date, 9/10/21. That little kid in that classic Vine is my hero. I made a little video to honor the occasion, and yes, that's me singing.

9/6/21 - Happy Labor Day! I just finished a video which you can check out on my Videos page. It's a Mega Man X cartoon based on a voice message I sent to applejoople that she wanted to see animated. There are a few outakes or alternate cuts that are unlisted on my channel. Maybe I've left some clues somewhere, though... Speaking of YouTube, I gave my channel a bit of a facelift. It's now a bit more G-Zoney! In autoMP news, we're about to roll out some cool new features in v1.4, and I've opened a repository for custom preview borders. I hope I can make and find lots and lots to add!

9/2/21 - I've added some more jams to the MIDI page. I spent the day cleaning my seriously gross bedroom and looking through old camcorder footage. I'd really like to make videos with my friends again. It's always a fun time sitting down to edit together a stupid little movie. I have some videos from Halloweens past I plan to post here next month... If you haven't seen them, you're going to want to! They're a lot of fun and super corny. I wanna make more videos that fit that description soon.

9/1/21 - Last blog update started with a complaint about the summer. This time, I'm super excited that we're getting into the best time of the year. That's right, FALL! The best 3 holidays all lined up in a row and the weather is oh-so nice. I can't wait for the first chilly day! I'm gonna drink so much hot cocoa. Speaking of cocoa and horribly botched transitions, I made a MIDI page! Not much there yet, but you can download a few high-quality MIDIs I've found online. Y'know... in case you like MIDIs. I also have started on the figures page. All I really have to do now is take pics of all my figures... I'll get there!

8/28/21 - UGH! I hate summer. I can't help but wonder if it's more tolerable elsewhere. My car is having problems and I really should go get it looked at. But anyways, I just redid the Images tab. It's now a directory just like the Reviews and Guides tabs, and I'm giving different topics their own sub-pages to keep the main page less cluttered. Anyways, I have some stuff to get back to, like fixing this Game Boy Color and N64 controller, as well as figuring out how to do some Wii softmods all over again. I'm also still thinking about the figure collection page, mostly just the layout now. It's probably gonna happen! Keep your pants on!

8/27/21 - Check out my new review of Super Ghouls'n Ghosts, The SNES entry in the legendarily difficult series. Is there more to it than just its difficulty? Click through to find out! In other news, autoMP v1.2.1 recently released, less than 24 hours after v1.2.0. TruKuu found a bug with the custom palette settings, which was then promptly reported and fixed. Speaking of TruKuu, I spent the evening at his place, helping him refurbish some N64 joysticks then putting them through rigorous Super Smash Bros. testing. He sent me home with one that kept dying randomly during gameplay. I'm probably just gonna reflow all the solder and hope that fixes it. TruKuu also got me started down the Winamp rabbithole, which I would totally get more into if I wasn't so sleepy. I'm gonna download more music and skins tomorrow, but for now it's 5am... bedtime!

8/24/21 - Operation autoMP is a go! Check out the page all about it and give the program a spin! It's a lot of fun to play with and it only keeps getting better. I'm super grateful to everyone involved and I'm elated to be a part of it, even if that part is a small one. Also, it's past mignight now, but today... or, yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the Super NES in America. Yes, my favorite console of all time! Funny enough, I didn't play a ton of SNES today, but I spent a lot of time laboring over autoMP, breathing new life into one of the console's most well-loved titles. Anyways, that's it for now. Submit your autoMP screenshots to me on Twitter!

8/22/21 - I'm currenly sitting in a call with my good friend marl who is revising an old set of scripts called Automatic Mario Paint, which can basically inject virtually any photo of your choosing into Mario Paint! The scripts were graciously provided to us by Alden, who created them back in 2008. It's a bit dated, so we're hoping to end up with something both more convenient and more compatible with modern softare. There will be a whole article about it soon, along with downloads and instructions for anyone wanting to play around with it for themselves. Stay tuned! For an example of what it's capable of, check out Alden's original gallery, or my example pic.

8/17/21 - New review is up now! This time, it's Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for SNES. I also added new header images for the Reviews and Guides pages! My long stretch of having the house to myself is coming to an end tomorrow, and I'm kinda bummed that I got sick and didn't get to take much advantage of it. I say that as if I would have thrown a party otherwise, but honestly I think I did what I would have done anyways - I set up my games and a DVD player in the livingroom and spent more time out there than I ever had before. Oh well! It was fun while it lasted! Oh, and one more thing... happy one month anniversary! The G-Zone first went online at on July 17th, now here we are one month later. I hope to be updating this site for many, many months (maybe even years) to come!

8/15/21 - I'm helping TruKuu clean and repair some game consoles for the local hobby shop. I'm not getting paid, but it's good practice, plus they said they'd let me use their airbrush on a model kit, free of charge. Sweet! In other news, the power keeps going out at my place, which is super annoying. The rain from the recent storms is super relaxing, but if it's gonna keep shutting my power off, I'll gladly go without. I'm also considering making a page detailing my action figure collection. I've gotten quite a few over the past 5 years or so. I don't think I could go into detail on all of them, but I could highlight some of my favorites, with photos, of course!

8/12/21 - After being cooped up inside for just over a week, I've finally started seeing my friends again. It's so nice! As I write this, I just got back home after a little gathering at TruKuu's. There was plenty of pizza, and I brought a stack of SNES games, but we didn't get around to playing them. I also fixed Koozbane's GameCube for him. I just put in a new power board, which he provided. It wasn't getting audio, but now it is. Easy! Anyways, I'll try to update more often, if for no other reason than to prove to everyone I'm alive. P.S., a new review is in the works! What game will it be? Here's a hint: It's for my favorite console! You'll see it soon!

8/3/21 - It's been a weird past few days! I got sick and lost my job, so I've just been sitting around at home for about a week now. You'd expect more updates with that being the case, but I've been trying to sleep it off until I feel well enough to find work again. In other news, I've added a link to a friend's site in the links tab, and my guestbook is now live! Drop me a message if you so choose. I'll find a place for a permanent link around here somewhere...

7/27/21 - I've decompressed after my outing on the 24th. Where did I go? Read about it here, in a super blog post so big that it needed its own page! Now that I'm back, expect another review and some other cool stuff before much longer.

7/22/21 - Is two blog updates in one day too much? Well anyway, as you can see, the site has been reworked a bit. The navigation buttons are now on both sides, and everything leads where it's supposed to! check out my new music, video and link tabs, as well as two guides I just posted for some Mega Man SNES games! Things are starting to heat up here at the G-Zone, and I hope you'll come along with me for the ride! Here we go!

7/22/21 - I'm redoing the site a bit. Adding a few tabs, shuffling things around, the works. Plus, hello! Just like I said, the blog is now on the front page. Hello, front page! Sorry if the site is a little busted while I update. I'll try to get it back to normal ASAP!

7/21/21 - Looks like Neocities is my new home. Hopefully it will be less fiddly than, or at the very least I'll find out if my HTML is just bad. I wouldn't be surprised; I learned it just to make this site, so I'm not exactly a veteran. I'm thinking on my next review, and I'm alsp thinking of moving the blog to the front page and redoing the button layout. Maybe I'll also add a guestbook... Also, Space Jam was totally surreal. It felt like a total fever dream. That's about all I can say about that...

7/20/21 - Working on updating the site a bit and thought I should post a blog. TruKuu from dabargainbin and I are going to a big Mortal Kombat event in Nashville, TN on the 24th. I don't play or even really like MK, but I wanna go support TruKuu at any tournaments he may be playing in. Besides, it's being held in a big arcade, and if I can get off of work to go to an arcade with my best friend, the circumstances surrounding it don't matter too much. I also just wrote a cool song for a DOOM wad being made by my friend salamipaste. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna see the new Space Jam with TruKuu and some other friends today. I hope it sucks. Anyways, while you're here, check out my new review of Star Fox 64!

7/18/21 - The website is finally looking pretty good! I've only been up super late the past few nights to pull it off. There's a lot more content on the way and much fun to be had, coming soon to a G-Zone near you!